Who is MicNice

Mic Nice
was born in Brooklyn and raised in Manhattan, and has taken his talents down to Florida to expand his fan base, work with new artists, and enjoy the
beautiful weather. The Internet makes it very easy for him to reach out to fans in New York, California, and as far as Europe, where some of Mic Nice’s music has been picking up a buzz.

Mic Nice
started out writing poetry and doing spoken word for school projects, and at small café’s in downtown NY. In junior high school he played in band, which he
says wasn’t the coolest thing to be doing at the time, but it really taught him the importance of music and how to read it. His love for music began at
that point and once he learned he could put his poetry to beats, he never put down his pen from that point on. And was always in the studio working on new

Currently Mic Nice is an independent artist who manages and promotes himself, but is actively looking for labels to work with.

In a recent interview Mic Nice said:

“I’ve learned a lot of lessons working by myself in this rap game, but I think I’m ready to have a strong team behind me. I wanted to make sure before
I reached out to labels. I put myself in a position to build my fan base, build my catalog of music, and make a name for myself. This way a label does
not see me as a liability.”


Brooklyn born Rap Artist – Mic Nice

He describes himself as an artist who puts honesty into his music, mixed with soulful poetry.

He went on to say:

“I like to see myself as a well rounded artist, and I say that because I have the ability to make a club record like my “Who you know” song, an
emotional/political record like my “Casey Anthony Song”, which discusses events that are going on today and effecting every day people. And let me not
forget “My House” a record which was debuted on ESPN for their NBA plays of the year. The “My House” song I can say, has a lot to do with my success
today as an artist. Not only has it been viewed over 100,000 times on Youtube, but it has also sold a lot on iTunes, and connected me to fans

Mic Nice
is currently working on a handful of projects to keep himself busy. He has recently worked with ESPN again for their NBA CountDown segment “I gotcha” was
the name of the record. Also, his new music video “Evil People” was just ranked top indie video of the year, definitely worth a Google search.

Mic Nice
stands right up front and smashes the communication barrier head over heels, with his devil-may-care attitude and big Mother Nature smile.

This Brooklyn emcee got charisma with a capital “C”…